Optimize Your Support Operations

Bring Product Context to your Agents


TheLoops for Zendesk

Transform your Zendesk Support Experience with TheLoops

Upskill your agents with product context in a single pane within your Zendesk Workspace. No more Alt+Tab’ing through a multitude of applications to resolve issues. Agents quickly zero in on the issue with contualized product signals.

Don’t Waste Time Collecting and Correlating Data

Upskill your support agents with product knowledge to resolve tickets faster with TheLoops.


Contextualize Ticket Data

TheLoops simplifies and correlates user signals from product, engineering and operations so agents can quickly identify where a customer is facing problems before escalation.

With TheLoops you can

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    Correlate and centralize data from various sources such as ticketing systems, CRM, logs, error codes or alerts to identify where a user first encountered their issue.

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    Help agents solve tickets with one centralized view of a customer issue, within the tool of their choice.

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    Reduce escalations, average handle time and increase first contact resolution.


Early Warning Engine

Empower agents with product intelligence and recommendations to solve issues faster giving them time to empathize and provide a more strategic customer engagement.

With TheLoops you can

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    Get recommendations on similar tickets, trending problems and bug fixes within your organization.

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    Give support agents bidirectional notifications from product, engineering and operations teams.

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    Reduce time-to-resolution and escalations while highlighting product skill-set gaps.

Intelligent Support Operations

Create metrics and dashboards that allow CX leaders to proactively impact outcomes and revenue with a deep understanding the agent-resolution journey. Real-time trend identification for business agility and process improvements. Reduce escalations and engage in data driven discussions with engineering, sales and marketing.

Get Meaningful insights about

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    Which agents need training on specfic product features.

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    Product features leading to more support tickets.

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    The tools agents use to resolve issues.

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    Workforce forecasting for product growth.

Operational Analytics Visual

Continual Learning, Seamless Handoff

TheLoops continuously learns how agents resolve tickets and helps share these recommendations based on the correlated product signals of each support ticket. Resolve support tickets on first contact with intelligent collaboration and a complete view of the customer issue. Work better, together with TheLoops.


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A Unified Platform

TheLoops is an easy-to-use, easy-to-set up service that makes it easy to unite data across sources and streamline context bridging the gap between support and engineering.  TheLoops allows CX leaders to transform support into a business driver.


Connect & Go

Plug and Play Integrations: Connect in just minutes for instant results.


No Developers Needed

TheLoops effortlessly connects your systems delivering exceptional insights without developer support.


Realtime Results

TheLoops collects and contextualizes issues creating a complete picture across people, processes and tools.